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Did you know?
• Using a professional forester can boost your income by as much as 50%.
• Improperly managed timberland can cost you far more than lost income.
• 45% of all paper used in the United States is recycled.
• There are 747 million acres of Timberland in the U.S. alone.
• Crayons are a byproduct of trees.
• We've been responsible foresters for more than a century

Q: Can't I sell my timber on my own?
A: You can. However, utilizing our professional team can increase your income by as much as 50%. And it eliminates the risk of having your property damaged, not to mention the headaches of contracts, permits, etc.

Q: Is forest management really necessary?
A: As a forest owner, you are more than just a guardian or investor—you are a steward of forest conservation. With proper forest management, you can pursue timber harvesting goals while ensuring the continued health and productivity of your land.

Q: How do I sell my timber?
A: Selecting the right partner for your timber harvest is critical to your forest's life. Glatfelter believes sustainable forestry and successful timber sales can be accomplished when forest landowners and buyers are informed and work together to adopt a stewardship and harvesting plan.

Q: What are the advantages of partnering with you?
A: Partnering with us has many advantages, such as no commission fee, including harvesting services, an experienced team of professionally trained foresters, thorough knowledge of land, timber and laws nationally and throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia, SFI, FSC, and PEFC certified, large network of buyers.