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Forest Management

Creating Value Today And In The Future

The value of your woodlands goes way beyond harvesting and selling. It comes from having a full understanding of the trees, land, wildlife, usage, and environment in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, as well as all across
the nation and the around the globe. When properly managed, you can realize a long-term growth and income potential that can be passed on for many generations to come. Whether you already have specific goals in mind, or would like guidance, we can help you:
• Improve the income potential of your woodland
• Develop recreational value
• Create a wildlife habitat
• Grow the full potential of your woodland's natural beauty
• Increase the income value of your timber

Our team of foresters is ready to help you create a smart management
plan. One that enables you to meet current income objectives and
increase value for the future as well. We are well-versed, and certified in providing long-term sustainable solutions and will work closely with you to:
• Identify your short and long-term goals
• Evaluate the condition of your timberland and recommend steps to   improve it, if necessary
• Prepare your timber for sale
• Manage all contracts, permits, harvesting plans, and scheduling
• Provide ongoing, active management and timber harvesting (sometimes   referred to a timber cutting)

Forests do more than provide us with trees. They create the air we
breathe. Generate the water we drink. And protect the soil and wildlife
that are critical to maintain the balance of the earth we live. We are all
stewards of the forest. And as such, it is our responsibility to observe
Best Management Practices when growing and harvesting woodlands.

Our forestry certification provides assurance that chain-of-custody procedures exist to pass certified fiber from the forest, through the manufacturing process and on to customers and end-users. Our North American and European facilities have achieved certification from:

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). Certification means that we can
source and track wood and fiber from FSC-certified, well-managed forests.

In additional, our U.S. facilities maintain certification to the following forestry programs:

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification means that we can track the fiber used in its products back to responsibly managed forests.

To learn more about how our forestry services can help you increase
the value of your timberland, or to set an appointment, call us at
1-888-609-8733 or email us at Forestry-CH@glatfelter.com.