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Sell Your Timber

We Grow Incomes and Relationships

Money may not grow on trees, but partnering with a forestry company that knows the value of trees in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia can certainly help you reap more income from
your sale.

No two trees are alike. And their usage and value are different as well. Different trees - and different parts of trees - are used across a wide
variety of industries and products. Our well-educated team is more than qualified to identify the types of timber you have in your woodlands, best usage of that timber, and current market values. We leverage our
long-term relationships with buyers across the industry to negotiate the best rates and eliminate any potential waste. That, in turn, protects your current and future investments.

But perhaps the best reason to choose our services is as much about
what we don't do as what we do.

    What we Don't Do:
  • Take a commission from your sale, which means more return to your pocket
    What we Do:
  • Prepare your timber for sale
  • Provide a proposal, harvesting plan, tree marking, and road design
  • Include all harvesting services, prepare contracts, obtain permits, and provide scheduling
  • Provide flexible payment options: Lump sum, partial lump sum or
    pay-as-cut options
  • Have an advanced team of experienced, professional foresters
  • Provide a safe and efficient harvest to reap full value from your timber

Learn how we can do all of this for you, and more. Call us at
1-888-609-8733 or email us at Forestry-CH@glatfelter.com and we'll get started on a plan for you. Our goal is to plant the seeds of a partnership that will grow for many generations to come.