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Timber Harvesting

There are many factors that go into determining the type of timber harvesting – sometimes called timber cutting – that will create the most value from your timberland. The size and condition of your woodlands, the type of timber you currently have, your income goals, reforestation requirements nationally, in your state, county, and city, and your overall vision all play a role in the choosing the proper harvest method.

There are generally 5 types of harvest:
1 Selection or Single Tree
• Mature trees and lower quality trees are removed to allow the growth of   healthier, higher value trees.

2 Timber Stand Improvement
• Defective trees are removed so that your remaining trees can grow at a   healthier rate.

3 Thinning
• By reducing overcrowding, your timber can actually increase in size and   yields.

4 Shelterwood and Seed Tree
• Regenerates your timberland by removing most trees while retaining   healthy, mature trees to provide seed and shelter for renewed foresting.

5 Clearcut
• Clears timber from a select area of your woodland to allow sunlight to   reach the forest floor to regenerate woodland growth.

Whether your woodlands are in Ohio, Kentucky, or West Virginia, our professional team of foresters is ready and able to help you determine the best type of harvest for your land. To learn more, or to set an appointment, call us at 1-888-609-8733 or email us at Forestry-CH@glatfelter.com.